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How to film - One day face to face workshops run by ex BBC cameraman - What would you use video for if you had the right skills?

Video is a great way to tell stories, promote yourself or your businesss or just have fun with it. Whatever it is that you want to film, it's worthwhile learning how to do it properly. With modern technology it has never been easier to have the capability to make your own content but shaky hands, bad framing, terrible audio and poor editing are all factors that turn your audience off. Learn how to do it properly from the outset and benefit from our 18 years in the industry.

We come to you and teach you how to get the best out of your equipment, tailoring each workshop to your individual needs and showing you the best ways to achieve your end goal.

Face to face training from ex BBC cameraman and award winning coach

Learn how to do it the right way! 

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