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Create Your Own Training Films Workshop - Advanced module - Tympani
Create Your Own Training Films Workshop - Advanced module - Tympani

Create Your Own Training Films Workshop - Advanced module

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Create Your Own Training Films Workshop - Advanced module

Workshop in your premises, we come to you.  This course will take you through the workflow of how to create your own training films.  Building on our introduction to filming and editing workshop, this will develop your knowledge of the production process.

Cost: £900 for up to 3 people with travel expenses added at cost

Duration: 6 hours tuition -  Call us to book a date

We will take you through the process of how to plan then film a simple training video.  Using a model of something simple like "how to make a cup of tea" you will be shown best practice of how to film, and then how to edit. The emphasis of this course is correct production techniques but you will have exposure to basic technical aspects.

The workshop uses your devices or cameras, editing on your laptop with Adobe Premiere used as the edit programme. Premiere is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software with a free trial period offered if you do not already have this.

Equipment needed – your camera and laptop

Editing software – recommend download of Adobe Creative Cloud

Learning Objectives:

  • To be aware of camera angles and shot sizes
  • Perspective, 2D vision of a camera
  • How to script and storyboard/shot list
  • Framing and composition
  • Headroom, rule of thirds
  • Typical microphones and how to position them – omnidirectional vs cardioid
  • Be aware of the impact and difference in looking to the side of the camera and to interviewee
  • Have an awareness of shooting environment, source best locations
  • To see the differences in how lighting can improve the most basic of set ups
  • How to structure and conduct B roll filming
  • Understand the importance of clear project management
  • See how to ingest different assets
  • Basic timeline assembly, laying out of master sequence
  • Awareness of title tool and how it works
  • To see how simple effects tools can improve shot sizing
  • Awareness of export options and where to use