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Enhanced Camera and Sound Operations Workshop - Advanced module - Tympani

Enhanced Camera and Sound Operations Workshop - Advanced module

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Advanced Camera and Sound Operations Workshop

Workshop in your premises, we come to you.  This hands on face to face workshop looks purely at camera and sound operation and acquisition.

Cost: £900 for up to 3 people with travel expenses added at cost

Duration: 6 hours tuition -  Call us to book a date

Using your device, or camera we will go through the settings to show you what they all mean and how to apply them. We will then take you through how to set up and film a talking head interview, how to position microphones and interviewee and also build your awareness of lighting through hands on sessions.

In the afternoon we will look at how to film what we call B roll. This is background filming that is used in the edit process to enhance the story and message. We will show you typical shots to take and how to think in terms of a sequence. We will then show you how to export the content to a computer and review the content you film with guidance tips given.

Please note that this course does not include any editing, but focuses on the acquisition of content and then the export to a computer.

Assumed knowledge – none

Equipment needed – your camera and laptop

Editing software – recommend download of Adobe Creative Cloud

Learning Objectives:

  • To be aware of camera angles and shot sizes
  • Perspective, 2D vision of a camera
  • Framing and composition
  • Headroom, rule of thirds
  • Typical microphones and how to position them – omnidirectional vs cardioid
  • Be aware of the impact and difference in looking to the side of the camera and to interviewee
  • Have an awareness of shooting environment, source best locations
  • To see the differences in how lighting can improve the most basic of set ups
  • How to structure B roll filming
  • Shot consideration
  • File exporting for viewing